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Decade After Housing Peaked: Owners Richer, Renters Hurting

Rental Market News MOUNT PLEASANT, South Carolina — It’s a troublesome story playing out across America in the 10 years since the housing bubble peaked and then burst in a ruinous crash: As real estate has climbed back, homeowners are thriving while renters are struggling. For many longtime owners, times are good. They’re enjoying the […]


$1,000/Month Rent Increase In Seattle – What Really Happened

Free lunch is over’ for tenants: $1,000 hikes hit some older Seattle rentals By Mike Rosenberg Seattle Times business reporter Hoping to strike while the housing frenzy is still hot, some eager Seattle-area landlords are enacting supersized rent increases all at once — eliminating some of the region’s last remnants of affordable housing. In a […]


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