Outdoor Grilling

Some chicken, pork and corn in the barbeque

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Outdoor Grilling

There’s absolutely no doubt about it, food just tastes better outside doesn’t it, especially if it’s been cooked on a BBQ grill . . . delicious. Getting out the BBQ grill for the first time each summer is a momentous occasion and one to be relished – invite the neighbors, make sure that you have plenty of beer and burgers in and away you go.  BBQ grilling is definitely a “man thing” isn’t it. Ask a man to operate the washing machine or the conventional oven and he’ll look at your like you’re speaking Vulcan, but once the BBQ grill is dug out and cleaned he’ll happily grab the tongs and put his apron on and turn into Gordon Ramsay won’t he (language optional)? Not that I’m complaining you understand, it’s just one of those things which happens every year, a bit like Christmas.

Just like everything else which is fun though, BBQ grills are not without an element of danger, so there are a few simple rules which must be followed so that everyone can enjoy their cheese burger or chicken leg without needing to call out the fire department.

  • Position the BBQ grill in a safe area, well away from the house, trees, bushes, decking etc.
  • Keep children and pets well clear of this “BBQ zone”.
  • Charcoal grills should only be lit with the recommended starter fluid – never use gasoline, aerosol sprays or anything else for that matter. I could tell you a story about that but I won’t, let’s just call it the “dance of the burning socks” and leave it at that.
  • Make sure that any gas grills are properly fitted, connected and leak-free.
  • Only use BBQ grills outside, it’s what they were designed for, and that way you don’t run the risk of setting the house on fire or suffering from poisonous fumes.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy, just in case (it will make your burgers taste a bit funny though).
  • Once the grill is lit, don’t try to move it – I know, but you’d be surprised . . .
  • Never complain that the sausages are burned on the outside and raw in the middle – it can seriously damage your health!
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