Pools and Playgrounds


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Pools and Playgrounds

Schools out for summer . . . . Schools out for eva . . . .  What a great feeling, but be warned, summer brings its fair share of dangers, both inside and outside the home. Whether you’re talking about pool safety or simply playing in the backyard, follow these simple tips to make sure that summer is fun, fun, fun and injury free for the whole family.

Safety in the Pool

  • Never ever ever leave your children unsupervised in a pool, or near a pool, for just a minute. Not ever!
  • If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard make sure that it is securely fenced with a self-latching gate. It should be at least 4 feet high and completely encircle the pool.
  • Rescue equipment should be handy close to the pool just in case – a shepherd’s hook is a handy gadget, and always have a telephone handy too – that’s a lot of handy’s isn’t it?
  • When your child has finished in the pool make sure that you take all of their toys out so that they’re not tempted to try to retrieve them later.

Safety in the Playground

  • Make sure that all playground equipment is assembled correctly – go on, follow the instructions, you know you can do it.
  • Choose swing seats which are made of something soft instead of hard metal or wood, and make sure that all swings etc are anchored firmly to the ground.
  • All screws and bolts should be capped and checked regularly – yes, regularly, not regularly every five years, regularly every few days throughout the summer.
  • Make sure that all playground equipment is in enough space, far away from walls and fences.
  • Danger – metal equipment like hot slides can cause burns in the sun – think about it!


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