Basement/Laundry/Garage Safety

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Basement/Laundry/Garage Safety

There’s much more to our homes than a kitchen, bathroom, TV and bedroom isn’t there. There are all of the other bits and pieces which goes with it, the basement (some of us are lucky enough to have large basements where we can store all sorts of very important stuff in case we ever need it again, or as others might call it – junk), then there’s the laundry, and of course, garages which are traditionally used by the man of the house to store . . . not the car (there’s never enough room for a car!) but his very important stuff in case it’s ever needed in the future – his junk and “boys toys”.

Anyway, the bottom line is that these areas of our homes need to be kept safe too. Here are a few ideas how:

Garage Safety

Garage Safety Checklist

Garage Safety Tips

Laundry Room Safety

Tornado Safety

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