Garage Safety Checklist

An Assortment of Garden Tools

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Garage Safety Checklist

Injuries in the home account for around 21 million visits to the medical center each year, with many of those injuries actually happening in the garage. Is your garage a safe place to be, or does it have piles of junk on, under and next to every conceivable surface? It’s time to check it out and make sure that your garage is a safe environment for all members of the family.

A place for everything, and everything in it’s place . . .

  • make sure that everything is tidy and in its designated place so that you can avoid having great “clutter mountains” appearing in your garage
  • things like garden tools (rakes/shovels etc), garden chairs, bicycles etc should all be safely stored on the garage wall – that should you stop you from falling over them
  • the garage floor needs to be swept and kept free from spills, especially slippery oil and grease
  • children’s toys should be easily accessible for . . . children, so that they don’t have to go near anything potentially dangerous to get their football/skateboard/jump rope
  • all poisons, pesticides, pool chemicals, anti-freeze etc needs to be stored safely on a high shelf or locked away in a cupboard with child proof lids
  • don’t be tempted to have a bbq in the garage, even if it looks like rain!
  • gasoline should be stored safely, and never in a garage which has a pilot light
  • electrical supply boxes need to be safely locked away from children
  • don’t overload shelves with heavy items – and have a sturdy stool handy if you’re vertically challenged and can’t reach
  • make sure that there’s a fully functioning fire extinguisher handy – and everybody knows where it is
  • have a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm installed to be on the safe side
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