Garage Safety

Old garage.

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Garage Safety

Garages are dangerous places to be, and that’s official. Garages very often hold more risks and hidden dangers for people than anywhere else in the home so it’s important that you take a little extra care to make sure that your garage is as safe as possible, for all members of the household.

Carbon Monoxide kills. You can’t see it and you can’t smell it which is why it’s so dangerous. It’s a silent killer. That’s why you’re strongly advised to fit not only a smoke alarm, but also a CO alarm in your garage. Thousands of people wish that they had fitted one in their garage, they’re the people who suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning every single year, generally caused by running the car engine with the door closed. This often happens in the winter time when they like to warm up the engine before setting off on the morning run – it’s fatal! You should never run an engine inside, not a car engine, not a motorcycle, not a lawnmower, not even a barbecue grill or a kerosene heater. Take them outside at best, at least make sure that the door is WIDE open.

Gasoline is another danger which is often waiting in the shadows of your garage. Gasoline is highly inflammable stuff and is extremely dangerous unless it’s stored and handled correctly. Never ever smoke close to gasoline, it might seem like an obvious thing to say but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t think about it until it’s too late.  Handle with care and keep out of the reach of children.

Cars live in the garage, well, that’s if there’s enough room for them, and pulling your car in and out of the garage, however slowly, is very dangerous. Never allow small children to go into the garage alone, you simply can’t see them in your rear view or side mirrors and no matter how slowly you pull in or out of the garage, the consequences could be disastrous if you were unaware of the child’s presence. You should always be extremely careful before taking your car into the garage anyway – my Dad, bless him, had a hatchback car, and, okay, he’s getting on a bit, but he actually reversed his car into the garage with the tail door up – the whole car roof was buckled and wrinkled . . . He’s never going to live that one down, I can tell you. He said that he didn’t notice but had thought that the rear window was much cleaner than usual . . .

Dangerous bits and bobs are usually stored in the garage, that’s how you keep them away from the children, so it really is ultra important that children are never left unattended in the garage and that anything which is even remotely poisonous or dangerous – pool chemicals / garden pesticides / paints / thinners / antifreeze are all kept safely out of harms way.

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