Laundry Room Safety

Laundry equipment within a room

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Laundry Room Safety

Laundry alert . . . laundry alert . . . sports socks seen crawling along the floor on their way to washing machine at number 6.  Approach with extreme caution . . .

Okay, maybe the idea of crawling socks is a bit far fetched (unless you’ve been into my laundry!) but laundrys can still be extremely dangerous places. Get this for a statistic – every year in the US, $84 million worth of damage is caused by fires which started in the laundry room. There’s not only a fire hazard either, what else is abundant in a laundry – you’ve guessed it, water! An estimated $150 million of damage is caused every year in the United States and Canada because of water damage from burst pipes. Add on to that the number of people who visit the emergency room, or worse, the morgue,  because of electric shocks and burns, and it’s a wonder you’ll ever dare set foot in there again. And you thought that the smell was the most dangerous part of doing the laundry – think again!


Dryers may look harmless enough, but don’t let that fool you, they can turn into killers at the flick of a switch, the electricity switch usually. Both electric and gas dryers collect lint, and lint (the bits of fluff from your clothes) is combustible. This lint can build up in the pipes and ducts of the dryer restricting the air flow to the outside vent and POW, before you know it your smalls are in flames, along with the rest of the laundry room and then the house. A little routine maintenance is all that’s often required to keep the whole dryer business under control. Use a damp cloth to wipe away the lint from the lint trap (should really be cleaned after every single load), the edges of the door, then you can clean the lint from any pipes (after you’ve unplugged the dryer). If you’re not sure about it, get a professional to come and sort the job out for you, it’s certainly better than taking the risk of not doing so don’t you think?

Washing Machines

Washing Machines need to be checked regularly, especially on all of the hoses and pipes to make sure that nothing is loose, cracked or frayed. It’s easy enough to replace many of these pipes, they’re pretty cheap and install the same as garden hoses but don’t forget to turn off the water supply first.

Laundry Safety

If you install a smoke alarm in the laundry that’s a really good idea, whether it’s in a separate room of the house, the basement or the back of the garage, smoke alarms save lives.  If your laundry room is also home to the furnace then you have to make sure that you don’t leave any bleach close to the furnace which can cause a fire. Keep your drying laundry away from there too. Keep the kids out too, just to be on the safe side.

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