Garage Safety Tips


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Garage Safety Tips

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Garages are often packed to the rafters with all of the dangerous stuff we want to keep out of the house. Add to that trying to actually park the car or find the lawnmower come spring after a long winter’s hibernation, and you can soon see how negotiating the garage safely can be a pretty tricky business. Sharp things, slippery things, poisonous things, inflammable things, yep, the garage is definitely one place where you need to keep on top of things. Here are a few tips to help you out a little, especially with the children in mind:

  • Lock all tools safely away in a cabinet

  • Make sure that the kids bikes and toys are easily accessible by the kids, and are not anywhere near the tools or gardening equipment

  • Make sure that all chemicals are either locked in a cupboard or on a very high shelf away from little hands

  • Good lighting in the garage can make sure that people can see where they are walking and are less likely to trip over something

  • Hang shovels, rakes etc on the wall so that they aren’t tripped over

  • Remember to install a fire extinguisher and smoke alarm – garages are in danger from fire too

  • Never light a BBQ grill in the garage, and be careful not to put it away (if that’s where it lives) until it has completely cooled after use. BBQ’s, don’t you just love them eh? They mean that summer’s here and it’s a chance for the women to rest while the men to do all of the cooking – after the women have done the shopping, prepared the marinades, cleaned and lit the BBQ grill, prepared the salads and kebabs, organized the drinks and dishes, then they can sit around waiting for their burnt sausages – ah, summer’s almost here.

It’s all pretty common sense type stuff really, but then again, it doesn’t harm to remind ourselves every now and then does it?

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