Bathroom Poisons

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Bathroom Poisons
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Bathrooms are bursting with things which can be poisonous to children if they eat or drink them, so it’s important that you never leave young children in the bathroom alone. However, there are other precautions which you should also take to keep your youngsters safe in the bathroom – so that they get the opportunity to grow up into teenagers and either don’t want to enter the bathroom and need to be forced to take the occasional shower (pre-girlfriend aged boys) or you can never get them out of it (generally girls of any age and post-girlfriend boys).

Even if you don’t have young children of your own, you should always make sure that anything potentially dangerous is locked away out of reach, just in case you get any visitors. Anything with a warning sign needs careful handling, as well as some things which seem perfectly harmless to you or I.

Child Proof Caps and Packaging are perfect (although some adults do have problems getting in to them!) Don’t take things out of the original child proof packaging and put it into something else, always leave in the original container so that everybody knows exactly what it is, what it does and can’t get into it if it’s dangerous.

Medicines need to be locked in a safe medicine cabinet, with the key hidden in a safe place and out of reach of small hands. Don’t be tempted to leave medication on your bedside table or in your purse, for example, where small children can get their hands on them.

Vitamins and other products which you may expect to be harmless can still poison small children, especially if they are taken in a high dose. Keep them safely out of harms way.

Bathrooms are often full of other potentially harmful lotions and potions. Cleaners, hair products, make-up, all of this stuff needs to be kept in a safe place where children can’t get to it.

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