Keeping Clean and Safe

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Keeping Clean and Safe

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You might think that the bathroom is always clean, what with all of the soap and water about the place. I remember my young son asking what I was doing one day while I was cleaning the shower – “you don’t have to clean showers” he announced, “they get washed every day” – what did he know about shower cleaning? Nice thought though.


Anyway, bathrooms do need to be kept clean, germs lurk around the faucets, down the plug-hole (you must have seen the advertisements – yuk), around the toilet bowl, on the flush handle, just everywhere. Even if you clean your bathroom regularly, you still have to make sure that you wash your hands (and set a good example to the kiddies) to stop the spread of germs and diseases.


Hand Washing Instructions


Bear with me, you might think it’s like teaching your Granny to “suck eggs” as the saying goes, but I bet you don’t follow these instructions every single time:



    • rub your hands together for at least 20 – 30 seconds


    • make sure that the soap gets in between fingers and down finger nails (very dirty places, finger nails)


    • rinse off soap suds with warm water


  • dry hands thoroughly either on a paper towel, or your own personal hand towel – did you know that, if you all share a hand towel it can help to spread diseases. It’s a wonder any of us have survived this far don’t you think?


When to Wash Hands



    • Before preparing or eating food


    • After touching raw foods – in fact, in between handling different foods of all types


    • After touching pets


    • After using the bathroom (including helping children) – set a good example


  • After coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose


So there you have it. Do you follow ALL of those instructions ALL of the time? You really should you know, just to be on the safe side.


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