Medicine Cabinets

[mb] Medicine Cabinet

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Medicine Cabinets
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What’s the difference between a medicine cabinet and a candy cupboard – the answer is – not a lot to a toddler or small child. A medicine cabinet to them is something exciting to be explored, full of colored candies to be tasted – poisons. That’s why it’s so important that medicine cabinets are placed well out of reach of small hands, and securely locked for extra safety. Bear in mind though, that medicine cabinets may also be full of potential dangers for adults. Let me explain:

  • Would you drink milk or eat food which was out of date? No, course not, it would taste horrible and very likely make you poorly . . . so what about medication then? That has a date too. If you take medication which is out of date, not only will it probably not do you any good at all, it can also make you poorly – think about it! Out of date medication needs to be disposed of safely so that you don’t take it by accident.
  • Medication should be kept in it’s originally container wherever possible. For starters, the amber color helps to reduce the amount of light which can reach and possibly affect the medication, secondly it will hopefully have a childproof top, and thirdly you’ll be in no doubt as to what it is and how much you should take. Switching medicines into different containers is really asking for trouble.
  • Medicine cabinets should be high up, out of reach of small children. Even so, they’re exciting places to explore so should be kept securely locked at all times.
  • Never ever take medication which has been prescribed for someboy else.
  • Never take more than the recommended dose.
  • If you are taking prescription medicine you should usually complete the entire course, don’t stop just because you’re feeling a bit better – the symptoms could easily come back if you don’t take the entire course of medication.
  • Don’t take medication in the dark – turn on the light just to be sure that you’re taking what you think you’re taking.


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