Bedroom Fire Safety

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Bedroom Fire Safety

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Bedroom fires can be caused by many different reasons, but one things for sure, they account for the loss of around 600 lives in America every year (that’s only the ones which start in the bedroom), with fires in the home accounting for around 3,500 deaths and 18,300 Americans being seriously injured. So what can we do about it. How do we make sure that the only flames in the bedroom are the ones burning with desire – I’m going to need a lie down in a minute . . .

So how can we reduce the risk of fire in the bedroom? What does the United States Fire Department suggest? Let’s see – I’ll tell you this for starters – kids who play with matches get burned, and so does plenty of other stuff around them.

  • Children of all ages are fascinated by fire, and play with matches or lighters in their secret little places – in their bedrooms, in the back of closets, under the bed – these secret places are often full of stuff which will catch fire very easily.
  • 35,000 fires are started by children – every year
  • 400 children aged 9 years or less die every year in fires in their homes
  • Teach your child that fire is not a toy, it’s very dangerous
  • Be vigilant and keep on the look-out for signs of evidence – burnt matches under beds, in closets etc. Your little “angel” is no different to any other little “angel” after all.

We can’t blame everything on the kids though, adults do have to accept responsiblity for many bedroom fires:

  • Never ever smoke in bed – this is another major cause of fires in the bedroom – “do you smoke after sex?” – “I don’t know, I’ve never looked” – ahhh, the old ones are the best.
  • If your mattress is pre-2007 it might not be up to the Federal Mattress Flammability Standard. Change it to be on the safe side.
  • Check for frayed cords on electrical appliances in the bedroom, especially electric blankets etc.
  • Make sure that portable heaters are kept away from bedding, curtains, clothes etc, by at least 3 feet.

Smoke alarms can be life savers, so do place them around the house – the smoke from house fires can kill you before you even realize that it’s getting hot. Smoke alarms should be placed in the hall, outside of the bedrooms to be on the safe side, as well as close to the kitchen so that you know when dinner’s ready – or is that just in our house?

Escape Plan – it’s a good idea to have an escape plan for you and your family in case of fire. Practice it and remind the kids about it regularly, you never know when you might need it.

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