Kids Bedroom Safety

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Kids Bedroom Safety

Bedroom fires are dangerous, I mean, very often they happen while you’re sleeping for starters, and many children and adults lose their lives each year because of fires which started in the bedroom. Kids are responsible for many of these fires. What is the attraction between children and matches? I’m not really sure about the answer to that one, but you do need to be vigilant to make sure that your children haven’t been “playing” with fire – under the bed, in the closet or any other secret little hiding places where kids get up to mischief.

Fire Plan
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It is important that the whole family, from the youngest child know about what they should do in case of fire – you never know when it might happen to you.  Let’s look at a few simple “do’s” and “don’ts”.

  • Always sleep with the door closed, that way, if there is a fire it will keep the smoke and the heat out of your room until you can make your getaway.
  • If the smoke alarm goes off in the night roll out of bed onto the floor and crawl towards the door.
  • Put the back of your hand onto the door and feel for any heat

Cool Bedroom Door

  • If the door is cool – open it up just a crack and look for signs of smoke
  • If there is no smoke crawl out of your bedroom and make your way out of the house as quick as you possibly can
  • Go to the pre-arranged family meeting place in your plan
  • Once you are safely out – stay out – don’t be tempted to go back into the house for pets/toys/favorite bits and bobs.
  • If there is signs of smoke, close the bedroom door and go to the window
  • If you’re big enough and its possible to get out of the window safely, do so.
  • If you’re not big enough or able to get out go to the window and call for help or to the firefighters – never hide away – firefighters will have a much better chance of saving you if they can see you and know where you are

Hot Bedroom Door

  • If your door feels hot then the chances are that there will be smoke or flames just outside – DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR.
  • Crawl on your tummy to the bedroom window
  • Do exactly the same as above . . .

Children should never light candles or play with matches or lighters, and a well practiced escape route is needed just in case.

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