The Bedroom

A bedroom in an AIMCO apartment home

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The Bedroom
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The Bedroom – for many the favorite room of the house and where they spend most of their time. Now then, I’m not that nosey as to wondering what you get up to in your bedroom, I mean, we’re all different and what we do in the privacy of our own homes, particularly our own bedrooms, is our own private business – but there are a few things which we can ALL do in our bedrooms to make them safer. Follow this check list and make sure that your bedroom is as safe as it can be:-

  • Are the lamps and switches easily reached from bed?
  • Are ashtrays and such-like far away from the bed and bedding – I mean really far away, outside in the yard is much too close as far as I’m concerned – I can’t believe that people still smoke in bed but evidently they do . . .
  • Are you careful not to put anything on top of your electric blanket, even when you’re not using it?
  • Do you switch your heat pad off before you go to sleep, just to be on the safe side? You should you know.
  • Do you have a telephone close to your bed?


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