The Hazards of Tipping

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The Hazards of Tipping
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Now I know that you think I’ve gone completely barking mad. The hazards of tipping? Whenever was tipping a hazard, it’s more of a danger trying to get out of some restaurants without being mugged for a tip in my opinion, especially if the service left more than a little to be desired. Not that kind of tipping – Bozo!! I’m talking tipping furniture again, you know, when children climb up to try and reach something which they’re not allowed to have and bring the whole dresser crashing down on top of them – that’s the kind of tipping which really is hazardous. Very often this is caused by tipping televisions, with more than 3,000 injuries every year from children pulling the TV over on top of themselves. Something needs to be done about this . . .

Here are a few ideas:

  • Make sure that your furniture is stable to start with – if anything is a little unstable then see to making it more secure – anchor stuff to the floor or the wall – bookcases, TV stands, shelves, bureaus, dressers – get down to the hardware store and buy in a load of screws, brackets and toggles. They’re not expensive, it’s not difficult and it can help to save your little ones (and your furniture).
  • Make sure that the TV is on a piece of furniture which is plenty big enough to hold it, low to the floor and pushed to the back.
  • Make sure that all electrical cords are neatly out of the way of the children, and teach your children from a young age that they must not play with such things.
  • Don’t put things which the kids might want (TV remote, toys, DVDs) on top of furniture or your TV, it will only encourage them to be even more inventive and try that little bit harder, putting themselves into very real danger.


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