Electrical Safety Tips

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Electrical Safety Tips
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Electricity is dangerous – that’s the bottom line – and it can jump! It causes burns, shocks, electrocutions, death – it needs to be handled with respect by the professionals. Follow these rules to make sure that you (and your family) know how to keep themselves safe from potentially dangerous situations involving electricity.

  • Never touch any dangling wires assuming that they are safe – assume that they are all energized with lethal voltages. DO NOT TOUCH.
  • If you come across a fallen power line don’t go near it – remember – electricity can jump. Call the electric company to deal with it as soon as possible.
  • If you are working close to overhead wires always stay a minimum of 3 meters away – that’s 10 feet, to be on the safe side. Do a quick “recky” of any location before starting work.
  • If your car is hit by an overhead wire while you are driving just keep moving away from the line. If it stalls the engine then stay inside the vehicle, tell other people not to touch either the vehicle or the wire and call the emergency services and the electrical company for help.
  • Do not operate any electrical equipment if you are standing in water – even a puddle!
  • Don’t attempt to repair electrical equipment or cords unless you have the necessary training – call an expert.
  • If any electrical equipment has been accidentally wet, then have it checked over by an electrician before plugging it in again.
  • Use a GFCI – ground fault circuit interrupter if you are using electrical equipment in damp locations.
  • Be smart, be safe when near electricity.


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