Staircase Safety for Children

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Staircase Safety for Children
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Staircases are exciting places aren’t they? Well, perhaps not to you or I, but to an adventurous toddler who has just managed to negotiate moving along the floor they represent a whole new challenge and a whole new world to explore. They just don’t see the danger of not only the climb to the summit but also the return journey. Many years ago I became the proud owner of a very small puppy, she was a gorgeous little bundle of curls, but I lost count of how many times I had to retrieve her crying from the top of the stairs. She thought it was great fun to climb up there but dare she come back down . . .  Anyway, with just a few simple precautions we can help to make staircases safe for children and small pets too!

  • Safety gates – that’s what you need. Sturdy safety gates at the bottom, and the top of the stairs. You can also use them in any doorways where the children should not go – kitchen, bathroom etc. It also helps you with your hurdling skills as you make your way around the house.
  • Safety covers – over the knobs (door knobs) for any doors which lead to staircases etc.
  • Safety netting or covers – on decks, balconies and steps so that children can’t get stuck, fall through or “drop” anything to the storey below.
  • Teaching – yep, when your child does learn how to climb the stairs, teach him/her how to crawl backwards down the steps, it’s much safer than the head first method!


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