Window Safety

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Window Safety
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Young Children and Windows

Every year young children die or are seriously injured by accidental falls from windows.  Especially in the spring or summer time when we all like to fling open the windows and doors and let some fresh air into the place, it’s even more important that you just take these few precautions to prevent your child from becoming another statistic.

  • Never leave young children unattended. It only takes a second for something to happen whilst you’re not looking.
  • Keep windows closed and locked when there are young children around. If you do need a bit of ventilation try opening a window which is way out of reach, or open the window from the top, not the bottom.
  • Don’t leave any furniture close to windows which children can climb on.
  • Make sure that cords and drapes are out of child’s reach to prevent them becoming tangled up and even strangled by them.
  • Install window guards or locks to make the window safe – a maximum 4 inch gap is all that is recommended to keep your children safe.
  • Make sure, however, that you will be able to make a quick getaway through the window in an emergency.  Any window guards must have a quick release mechanism in case of fire.
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