Window Guards and Locks

Looking out the window

Window Guards and Locks
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Children, and even adults, can and do fall out of windows. Think about it:

  • children waving to Daddy from an upstairs window as he comes home from work
  • adults trying to clean the outside of the window from the inside
  • anyone who happens to trip or fall close to a wide open window

For these reasons (and many other examples, see picture), all windows on the upper floor, or even ground floor if they’re more than around 12 feet from the ground should be fitted with window guards to prevent any accidental falls.

These window guards are not the same as security bars, but are simply a way to prevent accidental falls. They should have a maximum spacing of 4 inches (the recommended amount) and can very often be installed easily and simply, and can be released or removed by adults or rescue personnel (fire brigade etc) if necessary without the need for tools or specialist equipment.

Window Locks are another alternative for window safety. Any windows which do open dangerously wide can be either locked shut, or locked so as to restrict the opening of the window to a safe 4 inches.

Here are a few more window safety tips:

  • bug screens are designed to keep bugs out and are not suitable for trying to keep children in
  • keep chairs, furniture, beds etc and anything else which a child can use to climb up away from windows
  • if you want a little ventilation, open the windows which are well out of the childs reach, or open windows from the top, never from the bottom
  • make sure that children are supervised at all times
  • fit all windows which are more than 12 feet above the ground with safety guards and/or locks




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