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Cook Safely
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Kitchens are dangerous places, but it really doesn’t have to be so. Let’s look at a few facts for starters, so that you know what I’m talking about . . .

  • More than 91,700 cooking related fires are reported every year (according to the NFPA) – killing more than 300 people and injuring more than 4,000.
  • The number one cause of home fires and injuries is cooking.
  • The number one cause of home fires and injuries from cooking, is from UNATTENDED cooking.
  • Around 30% of fires in the home start in the kitchen, more than any other room in the house.

Now that we’ve established a few facts, let’s see how these fires can be prevented, or at the very least, quickly dealt with to cause the least amount of injury and damage.

Oven Fires – close the door, keep it closed and turn off the heat.

Microwave Fires – keep the door tight shut and pull out the plug. It’s a good idea to call the fire department too, and don’t try to use the microwave again until it has been fully serviced – alternatively, repair it with a new one if possible! Also be aware of just how hot food can get in a microwave. Make sure that lids have sufficient breathe holes to let the steam escape, and remove lids very carefully so that you don’t get scalded with the steam.

Grease Fires – are extremely dangerous and can happen quite quickly if you don’t turn off the heat under a chip pan, for example. Never ever ever pour water onto a grease fire, it just makes things worse. Turn off the heat source and smother the flames with a lid, plate or dampened cloth. Don’t touch it again until it has completely cooled.

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