Fire Safety in the Kitchen

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Fire Safety in the Kitchen
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Kitchens are the number one place for fires to start in the home, so it’s important that you follow a few simple procedures to make your kitchen (and yourself) as safe as possible.

  1. Personal safety – make sure that long hair is tied back, and avoid flowing clothes (especially long, loose sleeves) which can accidentally drape close to flames or hot surfaces.
  2. Safe Appliances – you should always unplug electrical appliances which are not in use, and if you get any kind of electric shock from them this means that they are UNSAFE, a little static is okay, but nothing more. Make sure that electrical cords are kept away from water and sinks, as well as hot surfaces. Don’t put plastic containers etc onto hot surfaces, and turn off any hot plates or burners which are not in use. Don’t let handles stick out from the cooker top where they can be knocked accidentally, and remember not to put anything metal or some plastics into the microwave oven – at best you’ll have a real mess to clean up or will get a sparky fireworks display inside the microwave, at worst you’ll have to contend with an explosion when you remove it with a risk of serious burns or a kitchen fire.
  3. Before you go out of the kitchen make sure that everything is unplugged, cleaned, moved and switched off.
  4. Be prepared for any mishaps and kitchen fires with a small, portable fire extinguisher. Make sure that you know where it is, can get to it easily, and know how to use it.
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