Hygiene Safety Rules in the Kitchen

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Hygiene Safety Rules in the Kitchen
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Kitchen safety is largely down to good old common sense, if you’re alert and on the look out for potential hazards all of the time, then you should be able to avoid any potentially dangerous situations. Basically kitchens are used to prepare food (talk about stating the obvious) and should be kept as clean as possible. Three simple hygiene rules to follow are:

  1. Clean up any spills promptly – whether it’s food on the work surfaces which can provide a breeding place for bacteria, or on the floor making it slippery, clean it up as soon as possible – properly, we’re not talking a “fairy wipe” with a cloth here, a bit of elbow grease and cleaning stuff might be needed too.
  2. Lift things properly – especially hot things. Remember that stoves and microwaves make things hot (even handles) – use cloths or those glove things to protect yourself, and make sure that there’s a clear space to put the hot stuff down BEFORE you pick it up. See, a little common sense goes a long way.
  3. Keep things clean – always wash your hands before preparing food, and frequently during the preparation, especially if you’re handling different types of food. Make sure that your nails are clean too – lots of germs can live down there, remember to cover any cuts with dressings (replace the dressings after you’ve finished), tie your hair back and keep jewelry to a minimum
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