Kitchen Fire Prevention

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Kitchen Fire Prevention
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Prevention is better than cure, (that’s what my old Gran used to tell me as she smothered me in layers of clothing so that I didn’t catch a cold), and this old saying is never more true than in the case of fires. Fire can quickly take a hold of a kitchen or any other place in the house, causing irreparable damage, injury and even death, but so often these fires could have been prevented in the first place – by far the best option I’m sure that you’ll agree.

Let’s look at some really quick, simple and easy to remember tips on how to prevent kitchen fires:

  • Never ever leave any cooking appliances unattended – this is the number one cause of kitchen fires.
  • Wear short or tight fitting sleeves whilst cooking. Baggy sleeves can catch fire as you reach over the cooker top, for example.
  • Keep cooking surfaces clean so that there isn’t a build up of grease or food – potential fire hazard.
  • Keep fabrics away from hot cooking surfaces – towels, cloths, curtains, pot holders etc.
  • Keep flammable cleaners and solvents far away from any heat sources.
  • Always turn pan handles inwards to prevent knocking them accidentally and causing spillage.
  • Keep a dry chemical fire extinguisher handy, just in case.
  • Grease and oil fires should be smothered by a lid or plate, turn off the heat and don’t touch them again until they are completely cool.
  • Never ever put flour or water onto grease fires – it just makes them spit and spreads the fire around the kitchen.
  • Oven fires can be contained by simply closing the door and switching off the heat.
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