Kitchen Safety for Young Children

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Kitchen Safety for Young Children
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Young children love to cook don’t they, but kitchens are fraught with danger for toddlers and young children, they’re at the wrong height for one thing, so it’s important that you carefully supervise children in the kitchen as soon as they start to walk and explore. Never leave a young child alone in the kitchen, not even for a second, that’s all it takes . . .

  1. Make sure that all pot handles etc are turned away from the edge where young hands could reach up to grab them, and potentially spill the boiling contents right on top of themselves.
  2. Make sure that your child can’t reach anything hot or sharp from their highchair or playpen too – and always look to see where they are before you move anything hot so that you don’t trip over them.
  3. Don’t let your children in the kitchen when the oven is hot – it’s so easy for them to touch or fall onto the hot door and burn themselves.
  4. Microwaves should be well out of the reach of small children, and never used to warm up infants milk, sometimes the milk inside the bottle can be at a higher temperature than the exterior of the bottle which can cause burns. If you warm up any food in the microwave for your child, make sure that you stir it and check the temperature thoroughly before handing it over.
  5. Dangling cords can be irresistible to small hands, making it easy for the child to pull the appliance on top of themselves. Irons, mixers, toasters – you name it, they can all cause real damage if pulled on top of a small child so be aware of this potential danger at all times.
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