Safe Use of the Kitchen

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Safe Use of the Kitchen
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Let’s look at a few simple “do’s” and “don’ts” in the kitchen.


  • Don’t put anything metal into them, they don’t like it.
  • Don’t put them on when they’re empty, they don’t like that either.
  • Don’t put whole eggs into the microwave, the shell will explode (really, it happened to someone I know and was very nasty).
  • Do make sure that your food is heated through properly with plenty of stirring.
  • Do use an oven mitt or cloth to get hot containers out of the microwave.

Fridges and Freezers

  • Don’t put hot food into them, it doesn’t make them cool quicker, it just makes the fridge/freezer warm up and put the rest of the food at risk.
  • Do keep food covered to stop cross contamination between the food.
  • Do keep different foodstuffs separate.
  • Do clean up any spills quickly and thoroughly.


  • Don’t leave any cooking unattended – it’s the major cause of kitchen fires.
  • Don’t put hot pans onto surfaces which can’t take the heat.
  • Don’t wear loose sleeves which can catch fire or drape into the food.
  • Do remember to turn everything off when you’ve finished.

General Kitchen Safety

  • Don’t let electric cables dangle onto the floor, and always untwist wires and cables properly to avoid fraying and other damage.
  • Don’t plug anything in with the socket switched to ON, switch it OFF, plug it in, then switch it ON again.
  • Don’t touch any plugs or sockets with wet or damp hands.
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