I Have a Cat – Will It Affect My Renter’s Insurance?

I Have a Cat – Will It Affect My Renter’s Insurance?

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For most people renter’s insurance is the one of the cheapest insurances you can buy. Most typical renter’s insurance policies are around $10-25/month.

It can be difficult to find suitable rental accommodation, and if you are a pet owner it can make things all the more tricky. Some landlords have a strictly “no pets” policy, some will accept pets but aren’t really set up for them, and others are quite “pet friendly” and it doesn’t pose a problem. This is the same whether you have a dog, a cat or indeed any other type of pet.

You might find that your landlord actually expects an extra bond if you aim on having a pet living in your rented accommodation, to cover any damages which the cat (or other pet) might cause. This is something which needs to be discussed at the time.

Renter’s insurance does not generally include any damage which is caused by pets, so that is one thing which you certainly need to clarify at the time of taking out your policy. They generally only pay out on what are known as “named perils” – they’ll be on there somewhere – fire, vandalism, theft, smoke etc, but cat pee stains on the carpet is not likely to be a “named peril”.

One thing which you also need to be aware of is that if you have personal liability cover on your renter’s insurance this will also not cover anything which was because of the cat – tripping over the cat and falling down the stairs is not likely to be a suitable explanation to claim for medical expenses or loss of earnings.

The best advice is to really check out all of these things when you take out your policy and be completely honest with the insurance company, and then you’ll know exactly where you are should the need ever arise.

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