What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Why Do I Need Renters Insurance?

I know it’s not a very pleasant thought, but just stop for a moment and think about this, what would you do if everything you owned was stolen, damaged or simply destroyed? Do you have a few thousand bucks stashed away to replace those items? I guess not. You might not think that you have anything of real worth, but just start adding up what it would cost to replace your clothes, your shoes, your jewelry, your TV, your DVD player, your computer, your furniture, your bed and linen, your stereo equipment. Bet you’re surprised that you have so much stuff aren’t you, and the problem is that if your apartment is burned to the ground or destroyed in a hurricane, then your personal belongings are not covered by the landlords insurance policy, it’s down to you my friend, and you alone.

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For most people renter’s insurance is the one of the cheapest insurances you can buy. Most typical renter’s insurance policies are around $10-25/month.

Why Do I Need Renters Insurance?

The bottom line is, whether or not you own the building where you live, your personal possessions are your responsibility and you need adequate insurance to protect them.

Did you know that US statistics show that people who live in rented accommodation have a higher chance of being burgled? Well, you’d better believe it, and renters insurance can cover you not only against burglary and theft, but also in case you lose your belongings due to vandalism, fire, smoke, water damage, electrical power surges, snow, ice, you name it, your belongings are in danger, but there are a remarkable number of people living in rented accommodation without any insurance for their belongings at all.

Why Risk It?

The top reason why people risk their belongings without any insurance cover whatsoever, is that they are mistakenly under the impression that the landlords insurance will cover them too (or they’re just too lazy or haven’t even thought about it). Well, think again, the landlord is only responsible for the building, not for your contents. It’s up to you so sort it out!

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